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The dot and 335/339 type guitars do the same thing as the casino here. The semi hollow es-137 is a much fatter guitar than the 335 or Sheraton types so I don't think my reviews of that will help you much other than to say humbuckers through the semi hollow body can create some great sustain and tones. EpiPhone Sheraton Vs Casino - SpecificationsSteven epiphone sheraton vs casino.. epiphone sheraton vs casino real difference is between the Dot, Sheraton II, Casino & the Riviera. .. I have been to the Epiphone website (obviously) and have looked at ..epiphone dot vs casinoepiphone riviera vs casino. Dot and Sheraton are closer, semi-hollows with humbuckers, .. Casino Shooting In Delano Ca - Casino Vs Dot Vs Sheraton Casino Shooting In Delano Ca. Casino shooting in delano ca casino lounge halle saale. Golden Mesa Casino Guymon. Epiphone Dot Vs Casino -

One of these instances was the semiacoustic model range with Gibson’s ES-335 being used as the template for Epiphone’s Riviera, and the ES-355 being given a sister model in the Epiphone Sheraton. The Epiphone Casino was (and still is) Epi’s version of Gibson’s ES-330, and shares its hollow body.

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EpiPhone Riviera Vs Sheraton Vs Casino -

Epiphone Dot vs. Casino | Harmony Central The Casino is a completely different beast with the trapezoid tailpiece and P90's. The neck on the Casino is also very small. The Sheraton is almost exactly like the Dot was (same neck and body size), but it had a little better fit and finish. It's got gold hardware which I hate with a passion. Difference Between Epiphone Dot and Casino Epiphone Dot vs Casino. The difference between the Epiphone Casino and the Dot is that the Dot has humbuckers and the Casino has P90. They also have a difference in body, weight, price and other features. The Epiphone Casino is around $200 more expensive than the Epiphone Dot guitar. Epiphone Dot, Sheraton or Casino? - Ultimate Guitar Hey... Im trying to decide which of these Archtop models to buy. Dot is nice, but Im "affraid" of buying it and repent of earning for a better one. th... Epiphone Sheraton vs. Casino | A Guitar Forum

EpiPhone Riviera Vs Sheraton Vs Casino; Gibson Brands Forums: Real Difference Between the Dot, Sheraton, Casino & Riviera - Gibson Brands Forums

The Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar is the guitar that put Epiphone on the map. Ever since The Beatles purchased three Casinos back in 1964, this hollow Epi model has taken on a life of its own. Equipped with two vintage P-90 single-coil pickups, the Casino still delivers those Beatlesque tones at a price every player can afford.

Epiphone Dot vs Casino | Telecaster Guitar Forum.I will get a Sheraton one of these days when I stumble on a great deal for a used one with minis in it. Has your friend looked at a Sheraton II or a Casino?

Give me a Westin or Sheraton over a typical courtyard any day. Do some searching as this thread has been beaten around a lot.Quite often, a Westin or Sheraton at Starwood will be in a very very nice place and that's ignoring the really high end properties like st. regises etc.