An agp slot is normally used for

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Fix Question about the AGP slot It appears to be an AGP slot but is green. If I purchase an 8x, like the Radeon, Radeon 9800 256mb so that my son can play COD2 and BF2. What is Graphics Card? Understanding The Details | TechDim Accelerated Graphics Port or AGP: AGP graphics cards can be called better than the PCI graphics card and named for the same thing PCI cards are, that is, the slot name they connect to on motherboard. AGP Inline Memory Module Bus Description, AIMM Pinout and Board AGP Inline Memory Module [AIMM] defines a memory card that plugs into the AGP slot, on a PC mother board with an integrated graphics core [that don't require a Video card]. The AIMM card is use as a local memory subsystem for a graphics …

Can I SAFELY use an 8X AGP card in a 2X AGP slot (PIII

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AGP Expansion Slot - Kids Online PCI Express x16 slots can transfer data at 4GBs per second, which is about double that of an AGP 8x slot. PCI Express slots come in PCIe x1, PCIe x2, PCIe x4, PCIe x8, and PCIe x16. PCIe x16 slots are used for video cards. What is an AGP slot normally used for - AGP is a short for accelerated graphics port. Old computers (well - this depends on how long you have been involved with computers ;-)) have usually one AGP slot which is intended for the use of a ... An AGP slot is normally used for what expansion card?

An Agp Slot Is Normally Used For -

AGP Graphics Slot. So What is the AGP Graphics Slot? Read Below… So just what exactly is an AGP graphics slot? The initials ‘AGP’ are an abbreviation of the term ‘Accelerated Graphics Port’, which is the commonly used term for describing a specific point to point video card interface that is used to connect the card to your computer’s processor and memory. AGP 8X video card -

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Understand Expansion Slots in Your PC - dummies There are a bunch of different expansion slot standards and variations. The two most common slots available on today’s PCs are PCI and PCI-Express: PCI: The Peripheral Component Interconnect type of slot is the most popular and widely available expansion slot on today’s PCs. It’s normally colored white, though often beige is used. Difference between AGP and PCI | AGP vs PCI